Benefits of Professional Home Staging in Marin & Sonoma County, CA

Benefits of Staging

There are so many benefits to having a home well staged for sale. Here are just some of them.Well staged homes bring in more offers and sell for higher prices than similar unstaged or empty homes. A home that doesn’t look its best may languish on the market and require price reductions to sell. Staging usually costs much less than your first price reduction would be.

1. Well staged homes sell, on average 32% faster than similar unstaged or empty homes..

2. Well staged homes make a great first impression. Many people cannot readily visualize how beautiful a home can potentially be – or cannot, in their imagination, see past clutter, grime or the so-so appearance of many homes on the market. So don’t make them. Instead, let them see the real potential of your home when they walk in the door or click on the pictures of your internet listing.

3. Well staged homes look “move in ready” and buyers will pay more for that.

4. Good staging accentuates your home’s good points and distracts from its flaws.

5. Good staging broadens your home’s appeal, making it seem attractive to a larger number of buyers.

6. Good staging makes rooms seem larger.

7. Well staged homes appear to be well maintained. They do not make buyers wonder how much deferred maintenance they will be likely to discover later.

8. Well staged homes get shown more often. Realtors prefer showing homes that show well, are attractive, and will excite buyers.

9. Well staged homes create emotional appeal. Buyers have their lists of criteria, but in the end, the decision to buy is very often an emotional one. Agents know this and are more likely to show your home, even when it does not match the buyers exact criteria, if it is well staged, beautiful and has that spark of emotional irresistibility.

10. Well staged homes have a competitive advantage over similar homes that are unstaged. They look better in person and online, they feel better and they are shown more often. In a buyer’s market, this can mean the difference between selling your home for near asking price or having it languish on the market for months with multiple, severe cost reductions. In a sellers market, it can result in multiple offers that exceed the asking price.

11. Good staging can help people feel like they are “moving up”, even if they are downsizing.

12. Good staging may lead to higher appraisals.

Home staging is an essential and affordable part of an effective sales strategy and produces a great return on investment.

The Difference Between Staging And Interior Design

The job of an interior designer is to help you beautifully express your individuality and uniqueness in your home & furnishings. A home stager’s job is almost the opposite. Their job is to neutralize your home so that it has the broadest possible appeal. Both types of designers want to create a “wow” – but while the interior designer’s “wow” is individual, the stager’s “wow” seeks a wider, more general appeal.