Home Staging Tips in Marin County & Sonoma County, CA

Staging a Home for Sale Marin County CASelling a home can be a trying ordeal, but good preparation can make it much easier and result in a much more successful experience.

What most Marin and SF buyers want:

When purchasing a home, most Marin & Sonoma buyers want a home that not only fits their particular criterion but is also beautiful and “move in ready”. So as you prepare to sell, be sure to cover the items on this check list to get your home in top shape.



Basic Home Preparation Check List:

  • Complete any needed painting and repairs.
  • Check your curb appeal and update your landscaping, if necessary.
  • Remove all clutter and personal items such as family photos, papers, and fridge magnets.
  • Clean and organize closets and cupboards and get rid of all unnecessary items so they don’t look overstuffed.
  • Edit and minimalize your furniture and accessories.
  • Clean off kitchen counters of all but the most essential appliances (if any).
  • Clear bathroom counters of personal items. Put the things you need to use everyday in a box or basket under the sink and pull it out only when you need it.
  • Have your home, including carpets and windows, cleaned and keep it sparkling and free of unpleasant odors.
  • Unless you have a good design sense and really know home sales, get advice from your agent and a home stager about furniture arrangement, editing and replacement, what colors to paint, focal points etc.
  • Be sure you have good, professional photos of your home to post on the internet. Professional photography is more than worth the cost. Check out our home staging photos!

Consider the Benefits of Home Staging:

Remember that you are not just selling rooms and views – you’re also selling ambiance and lifestyle. When a buyer walks in, you want them to look around and think “Mmmm….yes – I’d love living here – this is great!”. Experts say that buyers decide within seconds whether or not they like your home. First impressions count – and since you only have one chance to make a great first impression – use it wisely!

This is where good stagers are worth their weight in gold. Research shows that well staged homes sell approximately 32% faster than unstaged or empty homes. And they sell for 3% to 10% more money. We’re talking thousands of dollars in savings here. Good home staging more than pays for itself.

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